Lisa Hugo

Lead and backing vocals 

I started my singing career at the tender age of 15 working full time at Sun City International performing at various venues at Sun City.  I performed at the Cabanas, Calabash, Main Hotel, Cascades and the Palace for 4 years under

Karen Kutts.  After finished my contract I left for Johannesburg where I formed the successful band Fishbowl.  For 13 years I traveled with Calla Henn my guitarist performing at many venues and shows. I also performed at Carnival City, Emperors Palace and Monte Casino.  I moved back to Cape Town after a long run in Johannesburg to further the Fishbowl Empire. There I performed at Quay 4, CTICC, Diaz Tavern, Mercury and Dubliner Cape Town for 5 years with various bands. Fishbowl performed at the Wacky Wine at Arabella for 6 years helping to build the Wine Festival to what it is today. After my long run with Fishbowl I decided to part ways and do some free-lance singing with various musicians.  I performed with many well-known musicians and singers. I have also performed at the KKnK. I teamed up with Helene Henn to form the band Disciples Journey in which we performed at the V n A Waterfront Amphitheater and various venues and weddings.  I was called up by my longtime friend Tauna (Fire) from Axe on Fire to join in their dynamic group Almost Famous and performed together at various venues.  On the side lines Sean (Styx) from Almost Famous and Fire and Styx asked me to join him in a duo called "The Capricorns" performing with drum and vocals for any occasion! I’m still going strong and passionate about what I do always give my all in what I do because without music life would be so dull!

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